Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Am in Love with a Tin Can

I have no philosophy about this tin can. I have no spiritual insights.

The beans were good.

The label is very green and says what it has to say.

The beans cost fifty-nine cents. One can fed the whole family, or at least the three of us who actually eat.

After pouring the beans into the pot to heat them, I washed out the can and put it on the dish rack.

I found myself staring at it all day.

I am idiotically pleased by this can.


Angela said...

and so you should be - it is a wonderful can! There are definitely times when everyday objects just blow your mind and you spend AGES admiring them. I am just about to throw away a paper cup which I have been admiring on my kitchen shelf for six months - but I realise I no longer love it. You are not alone!!

Susan said...

It is a nice can. I like it. I'm afraid, however, that I would not have enjoyed the contents. It's nice to know that lima beans come in a lovely can that can be appreciated even if the contents are not.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Thanks, Angela and Susan, for understanding. Angela, I love that you held onto a paper cup for six months.

Susan, I believe lima beans to be an acquired taste, one that I didn't actually acquire until I was around thirty. Ever since it's been lima love around here, but I understand your lack of enthusiasm.

Victoria said...

Well, it's a great can. I feel grateful love to cans of baked beans at times when they provide an easy meal. These things are important.