Monday, March 31, 2008

Like a Baby, Only Worse ...

Travis the Puppy has arrived.

I will post pictures soon. He is cute and cuddly and really quite beautiful, but man--he is such a puppy! Which is like having a baby, a toddler and a wild teenager all rolled up into one. We're dealing with some serious nipping issues right now, especially when it comes to Travis and Will. Will is finding it hard to tell Travis "no" as firmly and as sternly as he needs to, so as far as Travis is concerned, Will is one big chew toy.

The good news: Travis sleeps through the night. The bad news: He poops under the dining room table.

It has rained the last two days, which doesn't make one hop up and down and say, "Whee! I'm so glad I have a puppy to take out in the rain every hour!"

What I hadn't anticipated is how much you have to plan your life around a puppy--the way you have to do with a baby, really. When will he nap? How long can we leave him alone in his crate when he's awake?

(later) It has taken me three days to compose this. Am I feeling puppy love? You know, not really. It's nothing about Travis personally. Personally, he's adorable and I find him interesting and occasionally entertaining. It's just the situation of having a puppy. I know it's only temporary; he'll grow up and be a chilled-out dog who can be left to his own devices. But for now, it's like, "Who stuck me with an extra kid? I've got a book to write! I've got my parents coming in two weeks! It won't stop raining!"

So that's the story right now. I know it will get better. But for the moment I am plum wore out.


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