Thursday, January 26, 2017

Me, Again


Usually I write in the morning and run errands, go to the gym, meet with friends, what have you, in the afternoon. I pick up Will at 3:05, and after that I'm typically home for the rest of the day.

But today I had to do something late in the morning that was going to cut out a chunk of my writing time. So I decided to switch things around. I'd run my errands and go to the gym before my morning appointment, and then I'd write in the afternoon.

As soon as I came up with that idea, I wondered if maybe I shouldn't try switching things around on a more regular basis. Maybe not on the days I have lunch with friends (which I'm trying to limit to once a week), but on other days? I could get stuff out of the way and then sit down to write without those nagging thoughts that I have so much to do, so many errands to run. Also, my gym holds most of its classes in the morning, and I've been wanting to do yoga and stretch these old bones out.

I've written for two hours this afternoon, and plan on sitting down tonight around 7:00 (another good time of day for me--I'm often energized in the early evening) and do my last hour of work. So far I feel like the day has worked out well, and it's been fun to think that my errands are done as well as my exercise.

The thing is, I've been thinking a lot about things I'd like to change in my life, but I've felt sort of stuck. That attic I'm always writing about? Still a mess. And now, as we've collected the contents from the old mountain house my mother-in-law passed onto us years ago (and which we sold a few years back) as well as things  that the boys have outgrown or have outlived their use, the garage is another huge problem area. Will we ever get either of these storage spaces cleared out?

And will we ever get new counters and back-splashes in the kitchen? A new carpet in the living room? Will I ever lose twenty pounds?

Maybe by changing my schedule around, I'll open up windows of opportunities I wasn't aware existed. Maybe I can get some of that cleaning and organizing done with my morning energy, and still feel I've got plenty of juice to write later. I'll keep you posted! In the meantime, how do you get things done? Have you ever made a serious change in the way you do things?


Pom Pom said...

Honestly, I don't try that hard to get things done anymore. The pounds? Why sweat it so much when in fifteen years I might still carry them (kind of like the LAST fifteen years) and I will have wasted all that time focusing on my body which is only 25% of me. I think I should focus on the three other 25%'s (mind, heart, soul)
It's interesting that I've completely lost interest in self improvement plans. Hmmmmmmm.
This I do know, I want to see Jesus everywhere, love Him in a deeper manner, try to know Him more intimately and quietly rest in His huge sacrifice for me.
God be with you, good Frances.

Tracy said...

I love good routines...unless they don't work. Because we live beyond the edge of suburbia I don't tend to do certain things in the morning and certain things in the afternoon - I just work out what the most efficient way to get everything done might be, and go from there. I group my errands so I only have to head "down the hill" once instead of a few times. Maybe the biggest change I've made lately is packing my Aldi groceries into bags at the car, instead of in the store. Saves one round of the take-the-groceries-out-put-the-groceries-in merry go round.

At work? Different story. I am all about routines and predictability, lists and to-do's.

magsmcc said...

A brave new world o energetic potential- is that stored energy or kinetic? Please just go on talking about the attic- I have missed it so, but should it ever actually be streamlined I think a part of me will die. I do look forward to updates on the change of routine. I am about to hurl myself headfirst into yet another of my ridiculous career decisions, and will soon be reinventing time as well.

GretchenJoanna said...

I share at least two of your "stuck" areas, including a large space that needs sorting and organizing and then remodeling. I decided not to go on any long trips for a while until I make some headway there. But one month of the year is nearly gone and I haven't made any! It's cold in there, for one thing :-(

And exercise, fitness: This is where I had to start doing something different. I can't get a good workout anymore unless I put it off until an hour or two after breakfast when I have warmed up. I used to go first thing, at 6 a.m., without food. I also have started drinking coffee to help with my workout :-)-- So I have switched my more contemplative time to the earlier morning, and tend to do housework etc after everything else.

Yes, you have to flex with the times and your "seasons" of life. I hope your new routine refreshes and energizes you all around!