Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Decluttering Hiatus

 My new treadmill desk! I'm walking as I write this!

My decluttering mission has been on hiatus for the last few days. Okay, maybe for a week. The problem came when it started raining last Wednesday. I didn't want to leave out any freecycling, and I didn't want to go to the recycling center in the rain. So my project came to a standstill.

Then, on Saturday the weather was good, but instead of decluttering I took a field trip. There's a plantation site about twenty minutes from my house, and I've been meaning to go out there forever. When the idea seized me on Saturday afternoon to go take the tour, I decided it was exactly the right thing to do.

Well, it was a fascinating tour, and I'm glad I went, even if it got in the way of my life being perfectly organized. The Stagville Plantation was the largest plantation in North Carolina, with over 30,000 acres and 900 slaves. The state owns the land with the main house and another section with a row of slave cabins. Both the main house and the cabins were lived in by sharecroppers until the 1950s, and the buildings are fairly well-preserved and maintained.

When I go to historical sites, what I really like to see is the domestic stuff--the furniture and the kitchenware and the buttons and combs and shoes (leather, unlike cotton, lasts). To my surprise, there wasn't much of that at Stagville. The furniture was sold off by family members years ago. The buttons? They're still there, somewhere under the dirt. There have only been two archaeological digs on the site, and they were small in scope.

So of course I came home and instead of decluttering emailed an archaeology professor on the Stagville Historic Site board of trustees and asked what gives. Turns out she's trying to get a dig going in the next few years. She said I was welcome to volunteer as a digger. I wrote back and said, Sign me up!

I guess it's for the best that I can't go dig now. I need to do finish my own dig here. More reports soon, I hope!


Angela said...

I love the treadmill desk. But right now happy to sit still for 5 minutes and type

Pom Pom said...

What fun! You authors go on good field trips! It's raining here now. No walking for ooobiechay (that's chubby in pig Latin) Pom Pom today.

magsmcc said...

I am perturbed by the headless woman in the corner!

Jo said...

My whole house is an archeological dig site at the moment!
Who knows what I will find under the dirt..

Tracy said...

That's the kind of writing desk I need. Maybe my shoulders wouldn't get so bunched up and "rock hard" as Miss Mischief declared last night.

I love going to historic sites too. When we go to Tasmania for my graduation in just over two months *excited squeak* we will be visiting historic homesteads and sites. My best recent one was the Molly Brown House Museum in Denver, CO. I was just fascinated by all the same things you are. Miss Mischief is the only one who would come with me, but she loved it too.

Historic Sites for the win! Who needs to declutter? Probably me, but I'm, you know, writing assignments.

Kit said...

Oh I love visiting places like that. Love your desk but afraid I would never go on my computer again...LOL Kit

Nancy McCarroll said...

Quite an impressive treadmill desk. You are definitely a multi tasked.

The plantation holds many memories. Maybe you wILL find a button or two in a few years.

My daughter Julie lives in York, SC and the greenery outside your office window looks much like their foliage outside their home.

Leslie said...

Oh, I like your room. How cheerful. Does walking and writing work well? (Sorry for that alliteration.)