Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A List for a Post

Will's friend Jackson going off the high dive.

Things I've been thinking about, in no particular order ...

1. Theologian Sam Wells says that if you can't make it happy, make it beautiful. I can't be happy about my mom's cancer, but I can knit her soft, peach-colored socks and send up prayers of gratitude that she doesn't feel sick in spite of the chemo, and that her friends, family and church folks are gathering around her. I can call her on the phone every day and tell her that I love her.

2. My mom could live to be ninety-nine, and I'll still be sad when she dies.

3. I hope my mom lives to be ninety-nine.

4. A question I need to ask myself every day: What feeds me? I've been going to Weight Watchers, and a couple of weeks ago the meeting leader asked us, "How many times have you eaten something and then thought, 'That wasn't worth it'?" For me, the answer is: too many times to count. I've eaten junky stuff just because I wanted the comfort of food, and then realized that junky food doesn't comfort me.

But a sliced homegrown tomato with basil leaves, mozzarella and a splash of balsamic vinegar? That feeds me.

And it's not just about food. I'm trying to get better about not surfing the Internet when I'm bored, and picking up a book instead. I'm always complaining I don't have time to read, but maybe that's because I waste too much time checking Facebook or Pinterest or seeing if any interesting articles have been posted on Slate. And afterwards I feel the same way I feel when I've eaten a stale supermarket doughnut. Undernourished. A little bit ill.

What feeds me is good talk with friends or the Man, walks with Travis, poetry, time in the garden, good books. And homegrown tomatoes, of course.

5. I'm ready for Jack to come home.

6. There's a part of my driveway where the trees on each side form a canopy with their branches. I don't know why this makes me so happy, but it does.

7. I know the Royal Family is mostly make-believe, and we have no idea what these people are really like, but the pictures of Kate and William holding their baby are so lovely, you can't help but feeling like a tender aunt, wishing them all the best as they start their brand new family.


The dB family said...

So sorry to read about your mom! I will keep her in my prayers. Summer has been weird here too and I'm just feeling off. I'm hoping to lose 25lbs by the end of September. I have a ways to go yet. Maybe if I'd exercise.

Hope the writing continues to go well -- even if it's taking you out of your comfort zone. :o)

Blessings and hugs!

Jo said...

Trees over a road, what is it that makes that sight so evocative, so right?

wayside wanderer said...

Death is just not right no matter when it happens and how ready the preson/people are. It is counter to what God originally intended. I hate it.

I like your question about what feeds you and I think I will write that in my journal.

God be with your mom, healing her, encouraging her, and assuring her of His love.
Leslie in Texas

Angela said...

Prayers for your Mum [and all of you] x

Time is a precious gift - and you are right - at this moment it is better to spend it knitting socks for Mum than desiring the impossibly tidy homes pictured on the Internet.
Relationships are a gift too - invest in them not in possessions.
And what feeds me? - well you got that section absolutely right...

Seek first the Kingdom - and all these things shall be added...

You're in my thoughts and prayers. Love xx

GretchenJoanna said...

I appreciate your meditations on food and nourishment. I have the same struggles - what I've called emotional eating the ascetic fathers confess as "comfort eating," and it is a sort of joke that that sort of eating often makes us feel bad instead.

Pom Pom said...

That's a beautiful shot of Will's friend on the high dive. It shouts summer.
I am praying for your dear mama and I am so happy to hear that her prognosis is good.
We are home and all mixed up from jet lag. That's why I am up at midnight. Argh.
Thank you for your dear card, Frances. YOU are such a thoughtful human. I hope you are reading poetry aloud, to your dear, dear self.

Tracy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mum. We journeyed the cancer battle with my MIL many years ago now and it was a tough road. It was tough, but I was please to hear that there is hope for recovery. I will be praying with you that you get that outcome!

I like that quote "if you can't make it happy make it beautiful". I like that a lot.

Hey, wasn't it a year ago you weren't able to eat tomatoes? And now you can? WOOHOO! That is exciting in summer when homegrown tomatoes taste so good.

Gumbo Lily said...

What a sweet thing, to knit socks for your mom. She'll smile and wear them happily, I'm sure.

I like your thoughts about what really feeds you. For food....I like to eat pretty healthy, but on Sundays, I make dessert. Tonight what fed my mouth and soul was plum cobbler. Oh, it was superdelicious.
I like the word picture of your trees covering your driveway like an arbor.

debbie bailey said...

What feeds me is quiet, which I haven't had much of this summer due to my daughter's camps, lessons, etc. and keeping grandchildren. Heading to the beach in two days where I hope to get some. I, too, love a driveway where trees meet overhead. Kind of reminds me of a cathedral.

magsmcc said...

I was fine with the Royal baby right up until I heard that they're breast-feeding, which was an utter disaster for us, and now I'm not interested in that hopelessly churlish and completely unreasonable way that makes you feel as sick as you do when you've been at the keyboard instead of washing the dishes....