Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Little Bits and Pieces

Strawberry fields forever ...

1. I went strawberry picking last week. The strawberries this year are small and oddly-shaped because of all the rain we've had this spring. They still taste mighty fine, and I'm going back soon to get some more. Time to make jam!

2. Thanks to my friend, Sarah, I have discovered the most amazing service in the world. For $4.95, I can order my groceries online, and then pick them up at the store. Sarah has been doing this for years, and I've always assumed it cost an arm and a leg. Of course, when you have three children, two of them five and under, an arm and a leg is a bargain, so I understood why Sarah was willing to sacrifice so many of her limbs.

But it turns out she's been paying a pittance! In fact, this service pays for itself, since you can't make impulse purchases when you shop online. My grocery bill for the week was about twenty dollars less than it usually is. Bargain!

3. Another great deal: Buying reading glasses on line. Last week, I bought a package of five reading glasses on Amazon.com, including a pair of reading sunglasses. Total cost: $29.95. They're cute and funky, and now I have reading glasses spread out all over my house. I feel rich! (If you're interested, go here.)

4. The tyranny of May continues ... This week we have the 4th grade class play, a BIG deal, Jack's final band concert, baseball practice, and on my personal docket are two lunches with friends and my monthly book group meeting (we read Open by Andre Agassi, and I was surprised by how good it was). Two weeks from now, fourth and eighth grade graduation, fourth and eighth grade pool parties, and eighth grade graduation party.

I know I'll miss my children when they're grown and gone, but I will not miss school days in May. I don't remember it being this busy when I was a kid, do you? I remember field day ... and that's it. I'll have to ask my mom what she remembers.

5. Last week my friends Amy and Danielle came over for lunch. We ate this cake that I made with the strawberries I picked:

It tasted good, but was rather ridiculous. The recipe called for cutting two cake layers into four layers, but by the time I tried to put the fourth layer on ... well, just forget about it.

Anyway, Amy, Danielle and I have been friends now for fourteen years. We met when we were pregnant with our first babies. I am probably more myself with them than anyone else I know, other than the Man. I have no idea how they've put up with me for this long.

6. Got my first Durham Bulls' post up on the Bull City Summer Blog. If you want to read it, go here. My next piece is going to be on an elderly woman who goes to every single home game. That's how I'm going to be when I'm old--drinking a beer at the ballpark while I listen to the game on my transistor radio.

7. Is that enough stuff? Are you ready for summer yet?


magsmcc said...

Strawberries! No, I am not. Ready for summer. I am never ready for summer. Don't even mention the fact that Sun 1 doesn't want to go to any sport or leisure week over the WHOLE summer.

Pom Pom said...

Pretty cake! Yum!
I know what you mean about May. It's so much easier for me now. Now, it's just the grading and record keeping before school's out! Yay!
Are you in charge of pool parties again?
Great idea to order your groceries!
Love love love, Frances! I've missed you!

Heather said...

What a bit of excitement for the ballpark! Twizzlers, huh? Who would have thought?

The end of the school year is always sooo busy. It's nice when the school break finally comes and there is time to rest.

That cake looks so delicious. I might have to make one that looks like that, myself.

debbie bailey said...

I know what you mean about May. It's worse than December. And no, I don't remember things being so crazy when I was a kid. We got out of school. That's it. No end of the year party. No fuss. Just excitement that the school year was over and we could stay outside all day long! Your cake looks yummy.

Gumbo Lily said...

I love the idea of ordering your groceries online and picking them up. That would have been a lovely extravagance when my five kids were little.

I only remember track & field day being the Big Event in May when I was in school too.

So many things, so little time.

Gumbo Lily said...

Loved the Fox in the Bullpen article. They are so lucky to have you blogging for them.

Angela said...

Well I am ready for summer...but the weather here isn't quite warm enough for me yet!

That cake looks amazing! Martha Stewart would be jealous

Susan said...

I've been referring to May as the new December since #1 Son started kindergarten. I recently was introduced to the term May-hem and think it fits too. This is why lovely lunches with delicious cakes served on the screened-in porch are so necessary. We must keep ourselves fortified with those who understand us best during these crazy times.

wayside wanderer said...

There used to be a service that brought your groceries to you and I did that a few times when the kids were little. Not sure what happened to them but I guess they couldn't afford to keep it up. Cute glasses. I have them all over my house, too, and I STILL have trouble finding them. Mercy. I am ready for summer but not the heat.

wayside wanderer said...

Fun article, Frances!!! Love it!

Jo said...

Frances, I just love your fox article. The thought of foxes sitting up there in the bushes, becoming baseball fans... I bet they have started a league out there on their new farm.
I could have my groceries delivered at home. But they use plastic bags. I hate that.

Nancy McCarroll said...

Great looking cake! Yum.

Tracy said...

First of all, very yummy looking cake!

Second I love the idea of having someone else do my shopping, but I think it's too much of a challenge to my control issues. Nothing worth noting really, but I can't seem to hand over this chore, even tho I don't like shopping.

Our school year ends in December. Our School finishes a week before the state schools and I so value that beautiful week of calm before the storm of busyness that comes with Christmas. We didn't go camping at all last summer and not having to prepare for going away on Boxing Day made a huge difference too. Let's not discuss the assignments I had to submit instead!!!!!

I'll miss my kids when they go too. But right now peace, quiet and calm....and a small food budget is pretty appealing!

no spring chicken said...

Yes, you will miss them when they are gone.. that's all I'm sayin'. :)

Love the funky cake!

Blessings, Debbie