Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Has Not Sprung


(This is the quilt I'm making for the director of Our Fine Lower School. It kind of looks like spring, even if our weather doesn't.)

We are all getting a little impatient for spring around here. Usually by now we're basking in its warm, fragrant goodness, even if only for a couple hours in the afternoon. Instead, everyone is still bundled up in winter coats--except Will, of course, who wears shorts and a hoodie sweatshirt all year round.

Lots of stuff going on. Will had his first real Little League baseball game on Saturday. He pitched two innings and generally rocked the house. After a long and dismal basketball season with the Worst Coach Ever, I have to say that Saturday's 15-2 win for the Rangers proved quite a balm. Usually I'm not one for blow-outs, having spent too much time on the blown-out side (also, they're sort of boring), but just this once I was glad for such an overwhelming victory. Will needed it.

On Sunday, I learned an important lesson about reasoning with fourteen-year-old boys: Don't. Jack is tall, and he's a pretty bright kid, and I keep forgetting that despite the fact he can at times be quite logical, especially when planning World of Warcraft raiding parties, in general, the logical/reasonable/rational part of his brain is underdeveloped. I found myself in a middle of an argument with him about why spending fourteen hours in a row on the computer was unhealthy, and then suddenly, I stopped. It was just so much easier to say "no." I like saying "no." It's the most fun I have as a parent.

Today I went in for my annual skin check, and my dermatologist took off a suspicious-looking mole. No, not a mole--a freckle. The funny thing to me is, the moles and freckles I find suspicious-looking bother my dermatologist not one bit. It's the innocent freckles she goes after. "Let's just shave this off," she said to me, pointing at the cutest little freckle on my leg you ever saw. "Could we call it something other than 'shaving'?" I asked her. "How about 'biopsying''?" she replied. "How about 'benign removal of a cute little freckle'?" I countered, and she agreed that would be fine.

In the last month, I've had a teeth cleaning, a skin check and a mammogram. It's Lent after all. I'm not supposed to be having fun. Now all I have left is the annual visit to my lady parts doctor in May, and if I'm really up for a good time, a physical with my family doctor. Can't wait until I turn fifty next year, when I can add colonoscopy to my list of annual good times.

Right now I'm having a hard time imagining that it will ever be spring. There's a point in every winter you worry that maybe this year God has taken spring off the docket. The good news is, Target sells Easter candy whether it's spring or not. The bad news is, I'll eat it.


Angela said...

once you hit fifty, body parts start malfunctioning all over the place, and medicos [aged about 15] say "Well, Mrs X, for a woman your age...."

love the green quilt

xx happy Easter xx

Pom Pom said...

Oh, it's such a task getting all those doctors visited and whatnot. I like how dermatologists operate. It's so fast the way they do away with stuff.
The quilt is incredible! She's a lucky duck to receive such a treasure.
We're enjoying poetry at school this week. Our "slam" is at the end of the week. Yay.

Heather said...

I often forget the power I have as a mom. To just say, "no" seems so cruel to me sometimes. I want my kids to understand where I am coming from. I forget that they don't want to know where I am coming from and just block out any reasonableness at all. Then I do it. I just say "no." If I just start with that every time I think my life would be a lot easier.

Tracy said...

I am still considering sending Mr Busy off to live with other Aboriginal boys in the bush so he learns to be a man. Really what I want is some humility in the boy. I'm good with no....I am also good with "because I'm your mother and I don't have to justify myself to you". Works for me. Keeps life simple. I don't have the emotional energy for more.

I love your quilt. Your friend is a lucky gal.

We had 35C here today....the rain and cooler wind is about an hour away..YES!!!! We are celebrating whenever we can wear long things again.

wayside wanderer said...

Your quilt is BEAUTIFULLLLL!!!!! And in my feedly feeder it was much larger than on your blog which made my heart sing! Love all those wonderful greens.

It is comfort to know you have an arguing/not-so-logical boy, too. I will say, "Why must you always argue with me?" and he says, "I don't!" Ugh.

magsmcc said...

I suspect that all older age has in offer for us is Target seasonal candy, or the national equivalent! 'Twould be Cadbury's Mini Eggs here. You're very generous to Fine School Staff. I sent in two tiny crocheted baskets filled with buy one get one free chocolate cows today.

Gumbo Lily said...

Your "no" to the argumentative teen made me laugh! I recall the days of arguing sons & daughter. I'm so glad we have a God-given right to say "no." Period.

I love that spring-green quilt. What a lucky person it will be who receives it.

I sat in the sunshine for a little bit this afternoon. I'll send it over to you, but then... we're supposed to get some snow on Easter Sunday which will be sent to you too. (sorry) I'd like spring to come and stay.


debbie bailey said...

I'll be glad to get Easter gone and the candy with it. Then I'll be safe until the little cream pumpkins hit the market in September. I'm such a sucker for holiday candy!

Your quilt is lovely! You sure make them fast!

Jaye said...

I thought you would like this blog post: http://craftnectar.com/2013/04/09/we-hope-you-like-jammin-too/

Jo said...

Hope Spring is springing for you now. We have very long, wet springs here, which leave us all longing for heat and sunshine.