Saturday, September 29, 2012

Coffee Break

 Latest quilt-in-progress

Hold onto your hats: I'm drinkin' coffee! Right now, as I write this. My first cup in months.

I might point out that what I'm really drinking is half and half with a little coffee thrown in, but it's a start.

I haven't decided what kind of coffee life I'll have from now on. It may be a ten in the morning kind of thing. It's not so bad waking up slowly, sipping peppermint tea. I like that I don't have to have a cup of coffee to start my day.

But I've missed coffee, and I want it back, if only in small doses every few days. With lots of half and half.


Jack didn't win the Student Government Treasurer election. He didn't seem too upset about it; in fact, sometimes I wonder if he runs for office to make a point, that it's all a popularity contest. And the truth is, the boy who won is one of the most popular kids in school. When Jack told me who he was running against I had to stop myself from saying, "And you expect to win?"

A side note: the boy who won has always struck me as a really nice kid, friendly, polite, has super-nice parents, etc. But for all I know, he's actually a rotten, horrible bully. It's just impossible to know these things from the outside. I'd be sad to learn that he's not the kid I think he is, but it's a possibility. I guess I could ask Jack, but Jack's not a great authority--he thinks anyone who doesn't do their homework is a juvenile delinquent.


Some of you have asked why I don't blow my own horn about my books on this blog. This may sound strange, but I want to have a place to write that's all my own. I love my family, but they have access to a lot of my writing, which is to say, a lot of my life. Imagine if your parents and in-laws and brothers and sisters could wander into your office and peer over your shoulder to see what you were doing any time they felt like it. Imagine them having access to your boss's evaluations of your job performance. Nervous-making, huh?

If I started writing about my books, a simple Google search would land all sorts of folks here. But I like it when it's just us, me, you, and the seventeen other people who read this blog. I like our neighborhood. I like being able to write about my life without getting phone calls from concerned relatives.

So, that's why. Simple as that.


The Man is over at Duke University Medical Center, for a gathering of bone marrow transplant patients and their caregivers. Our friend David, who I've written about here, received a bone marrow transplant a year ago in June, and after a really rough period, is doing great. While he was in the hospital, the Man went over every morning before work and took David on walks. He made David walk even when he didn't want to because he was feeling too tired or depressed to walk.

A few months ago, David told the Man that according to his doctors, without the walks, he probably would have died.

The big deal today: David is going to meet his anonymous bone marrow donor, who's been flown in from California for the occasion. Can you imagine? Oh, the tears are going to flow, I do believe, and I bet the Man sheds one or two himself.


It's a rainy Saturday morning. Jack is still sleeping. I'm composing a list of chores for him to do when he wakes up; otherwise, he'll waste the day away on the computer. I'm making a list for Will to do, too, mostly to encourage him to take up a project. If he's working on a project, I might not make him empty all the waste baskets. If he's just loafing about, I've got a long list of tasks. Attic, anyone?

I'm going to do some work in my study. I don't use my study much, for various reasons. During the day when I'm here all alone, I like to be downstairs, near the heart of the house. Our neighborhood is pretty safe, but every once in awhile there are a rash of break-ins. Tucked up in my study, I would never hear someone rattling the doorknob, or see a masked man coming up our driveway. I feel better being downstairs and having an idea of what's going on around me.

I should probably just convert my study into a guest room, but I like the idea of having a room in the house I can play with. Lately, I've been putting poems on the walls. There's a closet with lots of shelves, and I'm thinking of turning one of the shelves into an art exhibit. Don't quite know how that would play out, but it's fun to think about.

So I think I'll spend some time this afternoon up there, going through stuff, dreaming. Maybe reading poetry. I may turn my study into a poetry-reading room, stuffed with art and dreams. I'll take a picture if I do.

Have a great weekend!


Melissa E said...

So glad you are able to drink coffee again, even if it is small amounts! I hope it continues to treat you ok! I completely understand about the whole not wanting your blog to be so public to relatives...sometimes when I write about stuff on mine, I get a call from my mom, all concerned because she didn't know I was having a bad day, etc. Argg..sometimes I think it would be so nice to have a totally anonymous blog!

GretchenJoanna said...

Thank you for the wonderful weekend wishes! I do expect to have one myself, and am happy to start it by finding a blog post from you. Enjoy your coffee! I always like the half-and-half part a lot....

Angela said...

So thrilled to hear this news about David's progress. Hallelujah for answered prayers!!

I understand why you keep the books off the blog.

And DO enjoy your coffee

My daughters in London read my blog just to find out what their parents are doing!

weekend blessings xx

wayside wanderer said...

I haven't thought of the implications of being an author the way you described them. I would NOT like people knowing all that about me either so I think I understand.

Your attitude about coffee is very good. And what a sweet husband you have. I mean, really. So glad for people like him who reach out to those who really need a kind someone in their lives. David is blessed...and I pray he will continue to be so.

Happy weekend!

Gumbo Lily said...

Another amazing quilt in the works! I love your sewing spunk and creativity. I'm so grateful to hear of David's health. Your Man must be a good, good friend to be so diligent about those walks.

Savor that coffee and I'll think of you when I'm drinking my afternoon cup today.

I'm so glad you've saved us a place here in your backyard to visit where nobody knows we are here! I enjoy our visits.

Heather said...

My son ran for student office two times and lost both times. He was a little bit upset the second time, but I think I was more hurt than he was. I'm so proud that he attempted it. I would never have done that.

I understand about wanting anonymity. None of my friends or family members, except my husband and kids, know about my blog and they are sworn to secrecy.

Enjoy your coffee! There's just something comforting about even just the smell of coffee to me.

debbie bailey said...

A room of one's own. What a nice thing to have! Don't give it up. Make it into anything you'd like. Fill it with whatever brings you joy. Make it your happy place!

Tracy said...

As much as we are amongst your greatest fans, I love that I have a connection with who you really are....when you're not an amazing author. I think you're a wise woman to have a space that isn't about work.

I am SO glad to hear your tummy is getting better every day. I wish I liked coffee...really I do. But I don't. Dh even has a coffee company and roasts his own beans and everything.

Chores. Mr Busy needs them. He's spending the holidays bored and driving me nuts!

Pom Pom said...

What a great "Frances" post! So newsy and thoughtful, like you!
We are praising God, the great healer. Our little number nine, Lizzy, was diagnosed with Hirschsprung's disease shortly after her birth and had surgery at Children's Hospital yesterday. She is recovering, nursing and pooping, and we are all SO thankful!
I've not slept in my own bed for three nights, so I will hit the hay early tonight.
Well, those school elections are like that. Jeff ran one year. He was very cute about it all and didn't seem too bummed when he was defeated. I didn't like it, of course!
I completely understand your thinking about writing about your books here and I feel the same way about this little neighborhood. It's very good.
I hope you have a beautiful fall week, Frances!
Oh! The Man sounds like a very good egg.