Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Report

Who am I? Do you recognize this bird? It's got some of the markings of a thrush, but that red spot is distracting. Help! Photo Credit: The Man

I have joined a gym. In fact, I'm just back from a session where I learned how to use the various weight machines. Given that my arms are little more than limp noodles dangling from my shoulders right now, it's quite remarkable that I'm able to write this entry.

I've joined a gym because I'd like to lose twenty pounds, and though I walk Travis five mornings a week for forty-five minutes, it's not much of a workout. We meander. We ramble. We pause often to mark fire hydrants and mail boxes with our personal scents. Well, at least one of us does.

So off to the gym it is! I have to tell you, there's a secret part of me that dreams of being Super Workout Woman with lots of muscles and incredible endurance. Believe me, that would be total makeover. Of course, when I envision myself as Super Workout Woman, I'm always about 5' 10", lithe and lean. In real life, I'm 5'4" and highwaisted and sort of chesty. I could lose thirty pounds and none of that would change.

Anyway, even if I don't turn into Super Workout Woman, I'm pretty sure I'm going to turn into one of those babes who wears workout clothes wherever she goes, because, honey, they are comfortable as all get out.

The best thing about my gym? It's not really a gym. It's the fitness center in the new Jewish Community Center, which is just a hop and a skip from my house. When I go to work out, it's me and a lot of other middle aged folks with creaky knees. No pounding music. No young bucks. It's the most peaceful gym I've ever been to.

I'll keep you updated on my progress, and will definitely let you know if I get any taller. In the meantime, I hope you have a lovely weekend and that I'll regain the full use of my arms before it's time to fix lunch.


Melissa E said...

I wear workout clothes, or the like, most everyday...although I tend to not wear them out in public...yet :-) The bird is a Yellow-Shafted Flicker. It's a type of can tell it's a woodpecker by the long and strong beak. The male version of this bird often has black above it's beak, like a this one is probably a female (unless there is a spot not visible in the picture).

Angela said...

I love the idea of you hopping and skipping to your workout!

Tracy said...

Oh you make me laugh. I had creaky knees in my 30's. Netball and 3 pregnancies were a bad combination in my young adulthood. I'd fit right in to your workout centre. Problem is I hate going to a gym. I went for three months last year - couldn't wait for the membership to end. I'd rather walk. And where I live, that's a workout.

Hope you find some useful muscles under those noodles of yours!

GretchenJoanna said...

Your gym sounds lovely. One week recently I conjured up enough ambition to start using *a few* weight machines again after several years' hiatus, but the in-house trainer spotted me and convinced me that I should have an orientation to that part of the facilities, so I did spend a half hour learning about way more than I can keep track of. That was two weeks ago, and I haven't touched one of those machines again since. I am easily overwhelmed - now I need to get re-ambitioned or something. I'm also 5'4".

wayside wanderer said...

Well, you are taller than me, but sounds like we might be of similar build. Right now I am craving chicken fried chicken and gravy, mashed potatoes and some green beans. Oh, and corn bread. None of which is on my diet. I've got a problem. :p

Pom Pom said...

I do like yoga pants. They are so stretchy!

Susan said...

It's a woodpecker. Shoo it away! Don't let it move into the neighborhood. Ban it. Shun it. Do whatever it takes to get it out of the neighborhood.

We had one who ate holes-lots of holes- into our house. It wanted to make a nest between our wood siding and dry wall. You heard that right. There was merely a thin sheet of dry wall b/n me and wildlife. The real problem with this? It's on the endangered or threatened species list so we couldn't legally do anything to it. My husband's answer to that problem? Until it pays the mortgage, it doesn't live here.

I won't admit publically to what we did to it. Suffice it to say that we are now in the witness protection program.

Gumbo Lily said...

My computer loads pictures SO slowly tonight (bad, bad internet stuff going on) but when I saw the bird's head being revealed and the spot, I knew it was a Flicker. We have many hanging around the house right now and I love to see and listen to them.

You Go Girl (and work out!)!


debbie bailey said...

We've had tons of these birds around our house lately. They're eating bugs in the grass. I thought they were Meadowlarks at first until I looked them up. Melissa is right; it's a Flicker.

Good providence on losing the weight. Lose 20 for me!

The dB family said...

Yes, the bird is a flicker. They're beautiful! I held one that had stunned itself. It was a bit of a marvel. When he revived himself, he flew away :o).

The Boy and I are having a little competition. It means I have 20lbs to lose and he has to pass French. I think I would like your gym. Mine's in the basement it's pretty quiet too.


victoria said...

I always admire those people who wear workout clothes everywhere, at the supermarket, at school pickup, so dedicated and casual at the same time...