Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Report

(My wheat crop is in! I think we have enough for a cup of flour. Photo Credit: The Man)

I have survived the first week of summer. Barely.

Much credit goes to my friend Sarah, who keeps whisking Will off to the pool and the river and her backyard. I have to finish up a revision in the next two weeks, and having Will out of the house and fully occupied helps. A lot.

Jack just sleeps until someone drags him out of bed. By the way, he was measured at a doctor's appointment today, and we are now exactly the same height. I imagine he'll be towering over me by the end of the summer. I still outweigh him by thirty pounds--why isn't that a comfort?

Here are some of my hopes/plans/dreams for the summer:

1. We will all get through it physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually unharmed.

2. I will be serious about canning my garden bounty, and my children will share my obsession. We will spend many a happy afternoon in the kitchen, laughing and singing as we make blackberry jam. We might even dance a little, just because we are so, so happy about jam.

3. I will not be in any way or form tempted to sell my children to the lowest bidder.

4. I will continue to get up early (6:30ish; I'm shooting for 6:00) to read on the porch and weed the garden, and enjoy the peace of a quiet house. Moreover, Will, sensing that I'm up, will not decide that he, too, will get up at 6 a.m. so he can play computer games.

5. I will sell the computer--and all gaming systems--to the lowest bidder.

6. I will not give up on my garden in mid-July just because it's too dang hot.

7. I will not give up on my children and sell them to the lowest bidder just because it's too dang hot.

That's my list for now. I'm also pondering making this not just the Summer of Pie, but also the Summer of the Southern Biscuit, and also the Summer of Eudora Welty, whose letters I'm reading right now. It's good to have several set themes for one's summer, so that one does not lose heart.

I will not lose heart. I will eat biscuits and jam instead.


Melissa E said...

hehe...come July you might be sitting your kids on the side of the road with a "free" sign! just kidding! I like to get up with Brian early when he leaves for work during the summer so I can get all of my outdoor chores done before it gets hot too!

Pom Pom said...

Good idea. Biscuits and jam. Perfect.
I keep thinking, "Maybe this summer, I can stand the hot weather." Hmmmm.

magsmcc said...

Oh wow, you really are a legend- I could sell mine right now and we have three weeks still to go before the holidays! Is that a compulsary American thing- to have the Summer of the Read War and Peace, promote World Happiness and Spread Joy to all through Home Baking? 'Cos there are many reasons why I was born into the frozen North- red hair and an incapacity to deal with huge quantities of sun being two of them. Utter hopelessness on the project front third. We just sit around watching the rain fall in the summer holidays and the boys play Wii while I pretend we're actually reading together and embarking on home school inspired forays into culture. Heat. Must be nice! Bon courage- I'm getting ready for the two months through ostrich manoevres this year. I'll use sand from the sand pit, when I get around to buying some...

wayside wanderer said...

Homemade jam sounds like something wonderful to be happy about. Pie and jam. Yep.

My 15 year old son is over 6 feet tall and I am pretty sure I outweigh him by 30, probably closer to 40 pounds. (But I am slowly closing in on him. Ha!) He is so skinny we can see his back ribs through his skin. It makes me feel guilty, but I am not sure why because it isn't like it is my fault. I do feed him. I promise.

GretchenJoanna said...

Good for you, Frances. Never give up!

Susan said...

Perhaps you could can your children by mid-July when it's too dang hot to still want to work in your garden. Then you could include the jars as a free add-on to the lowest bidder for your Wii. At long last, you could blissfully sit on your porch eating Southern biscuits, jam, and pie while reading Eudory Welty. Yes, canned children are the answer to all of summer's problems.

Tracy said...

So I'm really impressed. I've been known to offer to pay someone to take my children. You're still at asking for money for them. I am the lowest of the low LOL.

In the meantime, Summer of Pie and Summer of Biscuit sounds really good. Hey, if you ever want to swap awful hot for 11 weeks of Melbourne winter, you know you could come here. We even had snow up on Mt Dandenong (10 minutes drive) from us. No such luck in Our Town. It's just cold here.

Angela said...

Send your children over here [with jam] for a couple of weeks. I will keep them occupied.
I promise you that on their return they won't cause you any more trouble - just in case you try and send them to me again!!!
If I had two from Mags as well, we could all have an incredible time together.
On reflection, perhaps not - I have raised two daughters, no experience whatsoever with sons!!

Heather said...

Ha! I adore your list... especially numbers 6 & 7.

And Welty, well, how anyone could read her and not adore her, I just don't understand.

Best of luck on the rest of the summer!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Biscuits and jam would be very comforting I think!

Just stopped by to thank you for your visit and comment on my Elizabeth Goudge post. It's always a real pleasure to hear of other who enjoy her special style of writing. I always find something new to ponder whenever I re-read one of her books.

Here's to biscuits and jam, quiet, undisturbed mornings all to yourself, and many lovely summer moments with your children!

Gumbo Lily said...

Biscuits and Jam forever! I made some just today and we had them with real whipped cream too. Oh, oh, oh!

Your list is good, but do not sell the computer because then we won't hear from you much.

Happy Summer!
Jam on!

The dB family said...

At least you're being realistic :o)! Enjoy those biscuits and jam. I've been considering selling my kids to the gypsies ;o).