Thursday, March 24, 2011

All of the Second Graders Are Sad

(The view from my bedroom window. Aren't those blooms amazing?)

We don't know why the second graders are sad. They have been asked, but they aren't telling.

At first I thought it was just Will, and I was worried. The Big Sadness runs in my family. It hits some members harder than others, and mostly manifests itself first thing in the morning. I have dealt with it all my life, and am happy to report that having a dog has helped enormously. But I worry about my children. Will they get it, too?

For the last week, Will has been quick to anger, a fast-draw on the pout, easily moved to tears, and a little bit on the irrational side. I've asked him if something was wrong at school, but he says no. Did anything happen at recess, at lacrosse practice, when he was over at a friend's? No, no, no.

Do you think it's just that you're tired, I ask, and he says maybe that's it.

So I've been worried. And then I talked to my friend Sarah, and her second grader is sad, too. Not only that, she talked to another mom--same thing. Sad second grader.

Is it the time change? The increased pollen count? No one knows.

(Oh, by the way, I finally finished that quilt I started last summer.)

Now that I know that it's not just Will, but that all the second graders are sad, I feel better. Perplexed, but better. Yet and still, what could it be? What is it about spring and being eight, or very close to eight, that would have you mopey and prone to crying?

(Did I mention that I machine-quilted this quilt? All on
my own? By myself?

There are no answers here. Just questions. Just mysteries.

Oh, and I finished a quilt. Did I mention that?


magsmcc said...

I worry very much about this also- particularly with Sun 1 who does already worry and think and feel and worry. I was in addition beginning to worry about you, and I am glad you are here now, and I will email my address very soon- but we are nearing the end of Frantic Fortnight and all things have been in line for the fulness of time. Did you finish a quilt? Was it merely fabulous or completely inspired?

the crew said...

I LOVE the quilt! Can you teach me to be wonderfully crafty and domestic??? We can discuss the sadness of our little men while we cut and sew and shrug our shoulders. And wine should be involved, I think.

Pom Pom said...

The quilt is gorgeous, Frances!
I'm sad that the second graders are sad.

wayside wanderer said...

Beautiful quilt! You should be very proud of yourself doing new things all by yourself.

I am sad about the 2nd graders, too. These things I can't explain, but my first thought was the time change and getting less sleep because of the wonderful late night light. I hope it passes soon.

Tracy said...

Your quilt looks stunning.

Such a mystery, a whole bunch of Yr2's being sad. Kids aren't usually sad for not reason. Least, not the kids I know....and not a whole bunch of them. One or two maybe and always because of something they're worried about. Not just for no reason.

Very mysterious.

Amanda said...

My 3rd grader has also been sad. But not this week, last week. I think it is the exhaustion of playing outside so much all of a sudden, and the time change, and the feeling that school has been in session a long,long time. Spring break is on its way, thank goodness, for us. The teachers will get a break, too, and be less grumpy (which his teacher tends to!).

Angela said...

Fabulous quilt!
I think the sad children thing has been around for some time. Maybe at 8 years or so they are beginning to understand things like death & disaster a little more, and empathise with others. As they lose the self-centred-ness which is so common in the early years, they realise the world cannot be put right just like that, and it worries them. I have observed this is particularly the case where they have loving, caring parents, who encourage them to be kind to others etc.
All that AND the change in the seasons and extra tiredness and 'growing pains' - it is such a lot for them to cope with. But hang in, and have faith - they WILL come through it, by God's Grace [and so will you!]
love and hugs xx
ps thanks for comment on my blog re OBWAT!

GretchenJoanna said...

Your quilt is just my style, the sort that makes me want to make quilts - and that is a problem I have with reading blogs!

2nd grade was when one of my sons started showing his melancholy nature. He perked up a little bit when he got a younger brother, I think I remember, but has struggled with it his whole life.

Gumbo Lily said...

I (heart) this quilt!!! I love that you've made your window the headboard of your bed. And that VIEW!! Oh my!

The sadness of the entire 2nd grade at the end of March is easy to me. My kids all went through it, but in every grade. I call it March Madness.....They want out! Out of school! Outside! Out to play! To be done with books. I do too!!!!!


Gumbo Lily said...

Question about the Quilt.
Is this a pattern you used or did you kind of make it up? It looks similar to a scrappy type quilt, but I like the continuity of the colors -- red/white/blues.


The dB family said...

Loving the quilt and the floriferous view too! I have a quilt laying here yet that needs to be machine quilted. It's the squiggly kind of quilting and it scares me, so there it sits taunting me.

I wonder why the second graders are sad...