Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quiet, Very Quiet

I am being quiet right now. It's a February kind of quiet. It's a reading lots of books and working on a quilt quiet. It's a writing a new book quiet.

And it's quite possibly an I don't have much to say quiet.


We are having a lovely stretch of days here in the Tar Heel State; tomorrow the high is supposed to be in the 60s. I'm a little nervous about this fine weather. What happens if you don't spend February in a funk because the skies are gray and the wind is bitter? Will February's funk come back to bite you in April?


Tonight Jack whipped out a list of supplies he needs for a school project. Do I even need to mention that the supplies have to be brought into school tomorrow? Does that just go without saying? Ah, but Jack is smart, very, very smart. In Language Arts, the students are making books about their personal heroes, and Jack has picked his grandmother, my mother-in-law, for his. So he can pull stunts like remembering at 9 the night before that he has to bring in acrylic paints and foam brushes and Elmer's glue to school the next day and get away with it.

Because it will please his grandmother that someone is finally giving her her well-deserved props for working hard all her life, for making sure her son had the college education she never had (and which she would have loved), for being the one who showed up at the sick bed and the nursing home, who took care of her granddaughters while their mother went to nursing school. And it pleases me and the Man that Jack recognizes these things as heroic and important.

So when Jack whipped out the list, we helped him find the stuff, and we didn't fuss at him.

I wonder how many of the other kids will choose their grandmothers for their heroes?


It's February, which means it's time for a little Bluegrass. Here's a video of one of my new favorite bands, The Rye Mountain Boys. Enjoy!


debbie bailey said...

I love bluegrass music. I cut my teeth on it. You asked me where I'm from. I grew up in the southeast tip of Tennessee within five or so minutes of North Carolina and Georgia; Turtletown, Tennessee. Stop laughing. It's about five miles from Ducktown. No really. Look on a map.

That's so sweet that your son picked his grandma as a hero and not Justin Bieber or some other ridiculous pop star. Good for him!

Tracy said...

I like your kind of quiet Frances. My own kind is often a result of stress. Usually school-related.

I think if someone nominated me as their hero I would first wonder how that happened. And then it would make my day. Or perhaps year. Your MIL must be one very special and amazing lady.

Pom Pom said...

That's funny! I think kids spring supply lists on their parents all the time. Grandma SOUNDS like a hero!

wayside wanderer said...

Oh, I am enjoying the music. I don't know much about bluegrass, but I like what I hear.

Jack sounds like a great boy. I detest last minute runs to the store, but boys, well I love the way God made boys. <3 That report/project will be a keeper!

Angela said...

I love bluegrass too. And I thoroughly approve of picking grandparents as heroes.

We do not have Elmer's Glue here in the UK. In my childhood we had white glue stuff called Gripfix which smelt strangely edible [It wasn't, I tried!]

Melissa E said...

That is so sweet that Jack picked his grandma! Thanks for posting the link to the Rye Mountain Boys, Brian will be excited! Glad you like them!

Susan said...

If you keep picking the music and Jack keeps picking the essay topics, it will be a good life. Maybe not always quiet, but good.

Gumbo Lily said...

Dear Jack. Picking Grandma for his hero is spectacular. She will be so thrilled to know it.

Loving the Rye Mountain Boys. Do you play bluegrass with your fiddle?