Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Now We Are Farmers

The winter wheat is up! It's official! I would like a certificate of farmership, please! Somebody buy me a cow. Before I have one.

Our yard isn't full of spectacular colors like a lot of the yards around us; we don't have any amazing reds or oranges. But I love the November light in the late afternoon.

Before (as in yesterday):

And after (as of today):

Guess what? Neither of my children seemed to have noticed that my hair is five inches shorter and five shades darker than it was twenty-four hours ago. That's what I get for having sons.


Pom Pom said...

CUTE, Miss Wheat Grower!
I like how your hair is cut around the ears. I need that.
The trees are stunning!

sara said...

Great hair cut! It really suits you! It's so funny to hear some of my blog pals talk about farming. Here in Boston winter in right around the corner with nothing growing.

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog- it made my day!


magsmcc said...

Oh I love the hair- how did I miss this post? You are always funny- and beautiful! I was loving November too- right up until this storm that has lasted most of a week. I'm practising hibernation- only coming out for school runs with sons- mine are like that too! I find farmville farming much easier all round....

Tracy said...

Very cool haircut for Mrs Farmer Woman!!!! Growing stuff and looking cute is pretty impressive stuff.

A good friend asked me if I noticed anything about her today. I TOTALLY missed that she had coloured her hair (the same colour, mind you) and there were no grey's. I don't notice grey. I have a head full enough that I just choose to ignore them! Apparently I ignore other people's as well!

Susan said...

Great wheat. Great hair. Harvest the hair; plant the wheat. It's the cyclical nature of farming and hair growing that's attractive to me. It's the season of things.

wayside wanderer said...

Very flattering haircut and color! I am so thankful for trees. Yours are especially straight and tall. Happy fall!!!

Angela said...

Great haircut & colour.
Wonderful wheat, well done.
Yes, you definitely deserve a "certificate of cultivational skills"
blessings xx

Gumbo Lily said...

The wheat is up! Well done, Farmer Fran!

Love the November light through the trees.

And the haircut & color is spectacular! I really love it! (I do!)


Angela said...

just found this online

I know you were interested in this recipe!

victoria said...

Oh I am trying to comment and my computer won't let me, let me try again...
WHOOO HOOO it's great to see your face! I like the hair a lot (so hard to make hair decisions) and also the very pretty latest quilt. Where will it go? Wall, bed or?
I hope you guys have a wodnerful thanksgiving gathering, we we did it here.
p.s. thanks for etsy shop encouragement, yes I ship US.