Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm Alive!

Just checking in. I've not been feeling very bloggy lately. I'm a little under the weather, a little overwhelmed trying to finish a first draft and copyedit a final draft and adjust to the summer routine. Which is not routine yet.

The garden is up and running! We've got cukes, we've got zucchini. The tomatoes will be here any second. I go out in the morning while it's still cool and weed. Weeding is, weirdly enough, my favorite part of gardening. I let the Man do the planting and planning; I am the Imposer of Order.

I got knocked out by a summer bug on Friday. Today I feel better, though still a bit tired. I want my energy back! On Monday my fabric order came in--this summer I'm going to make a quilt for our bed. The colors are white, lavender, light blue, medium blue, and popsicle. Popsicle! Imagine a raspberry popsicle and you get the idea. The Man is a little dubious about the popsicle fabric. If it's not blue, he doesn't trust it.

Anyway, the quilt pattern is very modern--off-kilter squares on a white background. I love it.

I want to be quilting and writing and painting rooms and organizing, but right now mostly I'm just weeding. Weeding is good. It makes the plants happy. It makes me happy to see a neat garden. Well, the plants are exuberant to the point of looking almost wild, but that's okay. There's almost nothing more delightful than a joyful plant.

I hope you're doing well. I'll come visit soon. We're off to the beach in a bit, but when I get back I hope to be a better Blogland neighbor. Enjoy the summer! Eat a tomato!


Pom Pom said...

Hi Frances! I'm so glad you are back! Don't let all that author business get in the way of your blog. Just kidding - selfish, I know. I love it when you post all the time, just saying!
Your quilt sounds great. My husband loves blue, too. I do, too, I guess. Popsicle is a great name for a color. It reminds me of the new Crayola boxes. Someone funny named all those shades.
Adjusting to summer routine is hard. I find myself getting a little overprotective of my time. Sewing is the hardest thing for me to start so I am going to figure out how to give myself a huge shove in that direction. Oh, you lucky duck! The beach! My favorite spot. Talk soon, friend.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

The author business is getting in the way of my blog, dang it! I'm about ready for a summer vacation. Maybe by July?

I love the name Popsicle for a color, too! And it really does remind you of a popsicle!

Buy a good quilting or fabric mag and you'll get sewing, just you wait and see!


Tracy said...

Sorry to hear you've been a tad unwell. Your quilt sounds really cool. I know the pictures that we'll see eventually will be amazing!

Hope all goes smoothly with all your authorly responsibilities. Sometimes blogging just has to come at the end of the list...unfortunately for us.

Gumbo Lily said...

Sorry to hear you've been feeling sickly. The summer cold crud went through our house too. You're a good gardener if you weed diligently! I'd love to eat a tomato, but it'll have to be one of yours. Mine aren't even blooming yet. Maybe the grape tomatoes will come forth if it decides to warm up here.

A beach day sounds divine. What style swimsuit are you wearing?

Happy Summer!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Thanks, Tracy. I hope to post some quilt pix soon from my quilting class. And I'm eager to get to work on more quilts ... maybe in July?

Jody, I'm wearing a Land's End halter top/long-as-I-could-get-it skirt. The skirt probably hits mid-thigh, so I can pretend it's a very risque cocktail dress!

Wish it made sense to send you some tomatoes in a box. By mid-July we'll be living on tomato sandwiches. Divine!

Anonymous said...

Hello Frances! So good to visit you again...yes, I am back in blogland...crazy lady that I am!

I need to go and read your blog now and catch up with what you've been up to...

Love, Tina xxx

GretchenJoanna said...

I do love weeding, too. But I don't like carrying the weeds to the yard waste can. Got spoiled by having children to do that part, and now, where ARE they?