Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Am Being Very Quiet Right Now

I'm back. Went on tour three weeks ago, was home for a week, and then last week I went to upstate New York for four days to do a flurry of school visits. It was all good, although whenever I got on an Express Jet I couldn't help but think of a bus filled with all the locals carrying chickens and baskets of bananas on top of their heads, everyone crammed in together. Except I bet the bus rides through the perilous mountains are a lot more fun and humane than flying.

I thought I would post--and go blog-visiting--in the interstices of my traveling, but my brain just needed to rest. This has been one of the busiest months of my life, and it's been overwhelming. Not horrible--the tour went well, I was put up in very nice hotels and had a driver in every city, I got to order room service every night on somebody else's dime, people were lovely and enthusiastic about the new book--just too much.

So I am being quiet. In spite of--or because of--all the busy-ness and travel, it has been a time for thinking and re-evaluating. The Man and I are pondering all sorts of things right now, looking over decisions we've made in the past few years and wondering if they were the right ones. None has been catastrophic, but is it time to make changes--about church, about our house, about how we're spending/investing our time and money?

It's exciting to re-evaluate and re-examine, especially because we don't have to change anything if we don't want to. But it's also a little scary--are we on the verge of great change? Huge mistakes? Who knows?


Today's picture: Welcome to my design wall and my new quilt, which is not quite done (I need to add two more borders and quilt it; when finished, I'm going to hang it on the wall in the foyer), but I hope to have finished in time for the guild meeting next week.

The design wall is a big piece of flannel tacked to the dining room wall. I was doubtful that a flannel sheet would actually work, though lots of folks online claimed it would. And amazingly enough, it does. As I finished each block, I popped it on the flannel, and when I'd finished all sixteen blocks, I had a field day arranging and re-arranging them until I was satisfied.

I still can't believe I'm making quilts, after so many years of wanting to but believing I couldn't. Let that be a lesson to you! What have you convinced yourself is impossible?


Danielle said...

Welcome back.
I am being an insomniac right now for many of the same reasons. I'm coming to believe that this is a watershed of being in the 40's.

I am loving your quilt designs and find it inspiring, lefty!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Thanks, Danielle! I've been thinking that I ought to get you into quilting, too. It's an easier learning curve than knitting, I think. Can't wait to get together to hear what you've been pondering about your life choices. Is it time to start that commune we've always talked about?

Heather said...

Hey hey lady, good to have you back.

Sat with my friend's father while he fiddled and played banjo. Thought of you. Hope the next few weeks slow down for you and you can catch your breath. Beautiful quilting!

Nothing is impossible, only temporarily unimaginable.

Pom Pom said...

Oh, I love that feeling - being on the cusp of change. I missed you. I love your quilting endeavors, too.

debbie bailey said...

Sounds like you need a BIG rest. I've never thought anything was impossible; until now. I know I'll never be a figure skater (although I have gone ice skating), a ballet dancer (I did take lessons), a bullfighter (I've run away from plenty of them in my grandpa's field), or a police officer. There are plenty of things I don't want to do and plenty of things I'm not capable of doing. Old age does bring wisdom!

But there's way more things I want to do than I'll ever have time to do, and that keeps me trying new things. I hope we get to pursue our interests in heaven, because three more lifetimes down here wouldn't be enough time for me to try all I'm interested in.

Good for you for quilting after wanting to for so long! Courage to try is what keeps many people from chasing their dreams. I can see that you're a dream catcher. Dream on!

Susan said...

If you and Danielle are starting a commune, I'm coming too. I'd love to live surrounded by your quilts and creativitiy. I could live on Danielle's cooking for the rest of my life. Plus, I think our boys would have a glorious time reading books, chasing bugs, and scheming big plans. As for the small ones, they'd figure it out. That's their job as the little ones. Not sure exactly what I could contribute to the commune. I'm really good at making lists, and I don't mind scrubbing floors. Is that enough to qualify for a spot?

Angela said...

welcome back [thanks for your comment on my blog]
I too have recently got into quilting - it is SO satisfying
Regular times for reflection and re-evaluation are important, and often lead into surprising new directions.
Love and blessings and you work it all out!!

GretchenJoanna said...

Yes, it sounds like a good kind of quiet. Thanks for letting us know.

Gumbo Lily said...

I've missed you, Lefty!
You've really had a whirlwind tour, haven't you? I'm glad to hear it went well.

I really like your quilt --very artsy. I hope you'll post the final product once you're done.

Re-evaluating sounds big and exciting.


Tracy said...

Re-evaluating and examining takes a lot of head space, doesn't it. It's always scary to really think about those bigs kinds of things which might end up with you getting out of your comfort zone!

Angela said...

Thanks for comment on blog.
A quick note re applique work -
I dont think 'bondaweb' is called that in the states
You do have stuff called 'stitch witchery' for hems though, and it is like that but sold by the square yard/metre

blessings X