Thursday, January 14, 2010

Not much, you?

I don't actually have anything particular to say today, but I have a need to say something. Hello. Is it cold where you are? It's been freezing here for the last two weeks. Yesterday I felt like I did nothing but eat. Finally I realized I was eating because I was cold. My body was fueling up like nobody's business. It doesn't understand that it is a middle-class North American body surrounded by all the food it can eat. It thinks: Cold=Winter=Eat food whenever and wherever you find it, because who knows when you'll find it again.

I think today I'll turn up the heat a degree or two.


Yesterday I had coffee with a woman I just barely knew in college. In fact, I'm not sure I did know her, but I knew her face. As it turns out, her son is a student at Our Fine Middle School and is on the Battle of the Books team with Jack. So she e-mailed and said, Coffee after drop-off some morning? And I e-mailed back, Sure!

She was very nice and down-to-earth, and I enjoyed chatting with her. But she dressed like a grown-up, and that threw me. Most of my friends tend to dress on the funkier side of the fashion line, and I dress like an eleven-year-old. It was strange to have coffee with someone my age who wore a silk blouse, slacks and sleek, stylish loafers with a bit of a heel.

One day I'm going to drag all my shoes out of my closet and take a picture and post it. All my shoes are big. Chunky. I wear a lot of Danskos. I have a pair of girly biker boots. Sleek loafers are beautiful, but I would feel wrong in them. Still, there's part of me that feels like those are the shoes I ought to be wearing.

But have you ever put on shoes that weren't you and spent the day in them? By the end of the day, you feel like crying. All day long your feet have been giving the world the wrong impression. All day long you've been an imposter.

A girl just can't live that way.


I think that's all I have to say for now. It's supposed to warm up to 55 degrees this afternoon. Shall I run naked through the backyard to celebrate?

No, no I shan't.


Heather said...

Shoes. My one and only fashion weakness. The funkier the better.

Enjoy the warm up, I'm hoping it lasts past the weekend.

Danielle said...

You've inexplicably hit upon one of the fundamental mother-daughter issues of my whole life -- difference of opinion in footwear! After my hair, the second biggest signifier has been shoes. Mine - brown, chunky, sensible heel, and decidedly unfeminine. My mom: strappy or shiny, high heel, impractical, feminine, and way, way too many pairs.

We wear the same size and to this day she is always trying to get me to wear a pair of hers to "snazz up" my outfits! I wear them as I'm an appeaser. Never once has a pair felt right. Literally and figuratively, they throw me off balance. That feeling -- wanting to cry -- is right on! Thanks for helping me recognize, I'm 41 and I'll wear my own shoes, thanks, guilt be damned.

So, this blog turns out to be lots of much for me.

conor said...

I was absolutely delighted that the temp got up to 47 today. A long with a neighbor was so wonderful! I really enjoy your blog. I live in Maryland and have two middle-schoolers and two elementary kids, 3 boys/1 girl, and you often articulate what's happening at our house and school as well as yours! Thank you!

Angela said...

If you DO run naked through the streets, please ensure you are wearing appropriate footwear! [and post a picture on the blog]

debbie bailey said...

I tried to be a penny loafer type of gal for years until one day I knew in my heart of hearts that that wasn't me. I'm handpainted clogs or Chacos and proud of it!

Pom Pom said...

The first two things I notice about people . . . shoes and hands. Isn't it funny how we get our signals mixed up? I'm cold - no, I'm tired - no, I'm starving.

Tracy said...

Shoes haven't ever been my 'thing'. I think it must have to do with have worn thongs or no shoes for six years as a kid. I love looking at other people's pretty shoes and then I look at the heel and balk. My knees don't love me wearing heels when I have to use a lot of steps.

Gumbo Lily said...

As a mature woman, I wear sensible shoes that don't hurt my feet....Birkenstocks, clogs, low heels. I do have a pair of mocs that I love. I feel I'm walking barefoot in them which is my favorite.

It has gotten warm here -- 40's and 50's -- which is nice for us.


Ali said...

I've never managed girlie shoes. Somehow I missed the walking in heels lesson and have never caught up.

victoria said...

Since moving nearish to the city now I have noticed that my shoes seriously do not fit in. Ah well.
I'd love to see a photo of your shoes.
Congratulations on the toilet!