Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Giving Up

I'm sad to report that I am giving up on knitting lace once and for all. I have made two attempts (and a hundred attempts within those attempts, if you know what I mean), and they have undone me.

Even sadder, the spiral scarf I knit out of the silk yarn intended for a lace shawl after I'd given up on the lace shawl is a puny, scrawny little thing. No self-respecting neck would be caught dead in its sorry, spirally little grip.

What to think when you've invested significant time, effort and money into a project, only to fail? As a process knitter, I don't begrudge the hours. As a tightwad, I really regret spending the big bucks on the yarn. Do you want it? I'll unravel it and send it to you. It would give me joy to think someone might knit something out it. It's pretty, I'll give it that.

I guess what I'm wondering is who came up with this lace-knitting idea in the first place? Who thought, 'I know, I'll knit something up with yarn like dental floss, do lots of yarn overs and k2tog's and slowly drive myself insane'? Whose great big friggin' bad idea was that?

As for me, I'm going back to socks and sweaters. Knitting that makes sense. Real Woman knitting. Sane person knitting.

Let me know if you want the yarn.


Pom Pom said...

Knitting is full of discouragement for me. I leave it alone for a while, hoping that somehow time will solve the problems. I've been knitting for a couple decades and I have only achieved success four or five times. Sad, huh? There's just something about it that keeps me going back for more . . . and then I have this weird thing for knitting books . . . hmmmmmmmm.

Gumbo Lily said...

Maybe you can recycle the yarn on the Christmas tree as garland. How about tying it on the Christmas presents for bows? Surely you can reuse it. Yes?

I just think that anyone who knits is amazing!


Tracy said...

I would throw away the knitting needles and crochet the lace instead. I agree, knitting lace produces insanity. But silk yarn? How perfectly divine!!!!! What colour is it, cos if you're happy to mail it here I'd love to take a crochet hook to it!

debbie bailey said...

You crack me up! The only thing I 'knit' is what we call boggins (hats) on the round thingy you buy at W-Mart or Hobby Lobby. It's not knitting the old fashioned way, but the results are the same. I have fun with it anyway, and it's easy. My daughter and I have been knitting them this fall for the homeless.

Your suggestion on my blog about donating my antiques to charity was a stroke of genius! I give to charities all the time but never thought about donating furniture to them. We have a local Habitat for Humanity that has a huge warehouse that is open every Saturday and sells all kinds of things. A great burden has been lifted. Thank you!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Pom Pom, I've been knitting now for about fifteen years and if you don't count socks and scarves, I'm probably 50-50 when it comes to successful projects v. failed ones. Maybe 60-40. For the most part, I don't mind, as long as I've enjoyed the actual knitting. But with lace and with this particular yarn, I didn't enjoy it a bit.

Jody, I think anyone who embroiders is amazing, so we're even!

Tracy, E-mail me your address again, and I'll send you the yarn once I frog the scarf. It's very pretty, with a blue colorway that I love. It would have made a beautiful shawl in the hands of someone competent.

Debbie, I'm so glad it's an idea that works for you! Now you get your workspace back and a warm glow for having done good.

Pom Pom said...

It came! It came! What a beautiful copy! Thank you so much for writing kind words inside and signing it! Okay, now I am not taking it to school because it is so precious, but I'll buy some for the eighth grade readers. I will read it this weekend. I'll reward myself with it - one stack of papers graded = one half hour reading session for me. YOU are a darling, Frances. I LOVE your writing. I do. You have such a gift.

Angela said...

I have been knitting gloves for WEEKS for Christmas presents, all the same pattern, one sze fits all my nieces. From a huge stash of sock wool I bought v. cheaply. And yesterday when I came to the Great Wrap Session, I have discovered there is an ODD number - one LEFT glove is missing. And I KNOW I knitted them in pairs. Where has it wandered off to? There is an Evil Knitting Troll out there pouring curses on our handiwork I tell you!
Advent Blessings x

Tina said...

Frances, oh well, at least you gave it a go! I can knit okay, but I can't crochet to save myself!

(I have a new blog if you are able to visit...don't click on my blogger name though, as it doesn't work...

I'm at:

Love, Tina xxx

Ali said...

Lace is enough to try the patience of a saint. I say, knit it held together with something else in a nice, easy stocking stitch!

SunnShinee said...

i "knit" with knitting rings lol so at least you can use the needles, i've been shown how many times and just cant get it, so i'm stuck with lots of hats and scarves lol. at least you tried =]