Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dribs and Drabs

I tried writing here yesterday, but it was uninspiring. How I don't like decorating. Not for Halloween, not even for Christmas. I like a decorated house, I just don't enjoy being the one struggling with the lights and the tinsel and all the little doodads. It always ends in tears--mine, the boys', the dog's.

But it came out blah. I deleted.

Then yesterday afternoon, I saw the woman at Our Fine School whose clothing always goes beyond fashionable into the realm of stylish. Clearly she spends a bundle on shoes, but what shoes! She looks European, wears scarves and funky, chunky jewelry. Great hair, of course. So I thought about writing about her, but I don't have anything to write about, other than how unusual it is to see anybody stylish at afternoon pick-up. You see lots of young moms in skinny jeans and flats--the latest look in these parts--all very fashionable, but no one with flair, other than this woman. Who drives the biggest SUV in the world, by the way. Maybe that's why I can't get worked up enough to write about her. What's with the SUV? Why not an Audi, a Peugeot, something with a little class?

Really, she disappoints me.

I could write about the Halloween party in Will's class last week. I was one of the moms signed up to help. Actually, I was the the Head Mom, the mom in charge of e-mailing all the other moms who had signed up and telling them what to do. And guess what? They did it. They did it all. I didn't get a chance to do anything.

This always happens at the parties at Our Fine School. Typically there are four moms to a hot lunch or a class party, and typically one mom is completely out of control, bringing in twenty more things than she signed up to bring, "just a few extra decorations," and constructing snacks out of pomegranates and chocolate covered pretzel sticks imported from France.

Two of the other moms get very serious about distributing napkins and paper cups. That leaves the fourth mom--me, inevitably--standing there making small talk with the teacher's assistant. Every time I try to help, the other three moms insist no, no, there's nothing else that needs doing.

There's a trick to being one of the three moms that gets to do stuff, but I haven't figured it out yet.

So I could write about that, but I just wrote about that, and that's all there is to say about it.

Finally, I could write about Jack getting glasses. Jack has been complaining about his right eye since last spring and asking if I would take him to the eye doctor. Sure, sure, I told him. I'll make an appointment. But making an appointment entailed getting all sorts of insurance information and finding out which eye doctors I could make an appointment with, and it also entailed me actually remembering to make an appointment. Which I finally did--in September. It took two months to get in, so the appointment itself was last week.

And guess what? Jack's nearsighted, very much so in his right eye, the eye he was complaining about. So give me the Bad Mom award. Jack is very excited about getting glasses. He keeps going around saying stuff like, "Hard to believe I'll be getting glasses next week." He doesn't seem to hold it against me that he should have had glasses last May. Bless his heart.

More soon--when I have something to write about.


Tracy said...

When I have nothing to write about my blog remains lifeless. You do a stellar job of not writing about anything LOL.

Miss Mischief finally got glasses last year. I say finally, because she'd been hankering after them for about 3 years and not managed to convince the optometrist of her 'need', despite the eye tests over that time. She's happy now....although she glossed over hearing that little detail of "you won't need them for long because your condition will improve with time".

Gretchen Joanna said...

You are so funny, Frances! Maybe if I tell you my story, you won't feel bad about the glasses. One of my daughters was nearsighted, but for at least a year before I took her to the optometrist I made her do these eye exercises I saw on TV, and I'm not sure if they helped at all, but eventually she did get glasses, and her vision was *so* poor, she required a very strong prescription. I wonder if she holds it against me...

Angela said...

How come we always feel guilty about our children's need for spectacles? It is not our fault! Whatever gene it was was passed down to us - we are just one link in a long long chain that goes back to BEFORE they had spectacles, and many people saw other people as 'trees walking' as the good book says.
btw if you go to http://www.kirbyfree.org/wordpress/?cat=29 and check out the sermon archive for May 31st Pentecost Sunday you can hear me preaching!
blessings x

Ali said...

Oh, don't feel bad - I got glasses at 9 and realized that you could see stars in the sky with NO TELESCOPE!!

Pom Pom said...

That's so funny about the SUV mama with the fancy clothes and stylish shoes. It's feast or famine with the moms helping at school. In our kids' school, they all competed for significant "room time" and they exhausted the teachers. At my school, a few moms do everything and women who charge in and do, do, do make me feel dizzy. YOU are an artist - you aren't like the others. Yay!

debbie bailey said...

If I waited to have something to say, I'd close down my blog!

Gumbo Lily said...

I like your dribs and drabs....even when you think there's nothing to write about.

I was in 4th grade when I got my glasses and my goodness, I think I was blind before that day. I couldn't believe how clear everything was and the sign above the gas station, I never even noticed before. He won't hold it against you, he'll be so happy to see!