Friday, October 2, 2009

Catch Up

We were supposed to go to the mountains this weekend. It's Fall Break at Our Fine School, a three day weekend for fun and frolic. It would be lovely weekend to go to the mountains; autumn is in the air, mornings are crisp, the sky seems be hanging from a higher peg. Up at the mountain house, the apples wait on the trees, ripe for the picking.

But man, we've just had two weeks that kicked our collective Fine Family tushy. Last week we were sick, and this week the Man was sick again, this time with a flu so bad he actually admitted he felt a touch under the weather. I've done two school visits this week, one locally, and one an hour away, and now I feel the need to spend long, quiet hours staring at a blank wall. The visits themselves were fun, but they drained the energy right out of me. Us introverts really shouldn't spend a lot of time in front of groups being entertaining. We can do it, but it comes at a cost.

And my house. Don't look! Don't even knock on my front door. What I want to know is, where did all these shoes come from? Apparently, if left alone for long periods of time in the mudroom, tennis shoes breed like frantic little rabbits.

So we can't go to the mountains because I need to deal with the shoe situation. And the refrigerator situation. And the tumbleweeds under the bed situation.

And, if I can grab a few spare minutes, I'm going to clean up the vegetable garden and do some fall planting. But that's for fun, my friends. That's what I always put off until all the other work is done.


Thanks for all the encouragement for my undieting. So much of being an undieter is staying aware. It's a mindful approach to eating. Daydreamer that I am, it's hard for me to stay in the present moment, but I'm working on it. I've stopped reading while I eat, which is a biggie. I try to really pay attention to what I'm eating--so much food is quite aesthetic pleasing: who knew? But there are definitely days when I find a handful of food on its way to my mouth and I have no idea where it came from. I just picked it up somewhere--from a bowl on the counter, from an open box of crackers in the pantry--and started eating it.

One of the practices I'm trying to incorporate is sitting down at the table when I eat, even if it's just a snack. If I'm hungry and want a peanut butter cracker, I put the cracker on a plate and I sit down and I eat it slowly so the I actually taste it.

At first it felt like a lot of fuss for a little cracker. But I find now that I enjoy this little snack ritual of mine. I even say a blessing. Instead of feeling like I'm snagging a cracker on the sly and cramming into my mouth, snacktime feels more like a ritual. Peanut butter can be spiritual if you let it. Again: who knew?


I wanted to give you an update on my mom. A month or so ago, I reported that she's been diagnosed with CLL--Chronic Lymphotic Leukemia. Since that time, she's been to see a specialist--in fact, one of the top CLL docs in the country, who lives several hours away from her home--who agreed to take her on as his patient. Two weeks ago she went for her second visit. The doctor told her that after studying her test results, he believes her CLL to be of the nonaggressive variety and that while she'll always have CLL, he doesn't believe that it will have a serious affect on her overall health--most importantly, he doesn't think she will die from it. She'll continue to have blood drawn every month for testing, since there is always the chance that the cancer will become more aggressive, but all indicators suggest that it won't.

So that's amazing good news! Thank you for all your prayers. God is good.


One last chore for this weekend: I'm finally going to put up a clothes line! I'm tired of the dryer sucking all the life out of my clothes after a couple of tumbles, and it seems a waste of energy not to use the solar power available to me. My question is, can you still hang clothes out in the winter? Any clothes line tips appreciated!


Have a great weekend! Eat the cake!


Tracy said...

Oh yes, we will be eating cake. Birthday cake!! Miss Mischief's choice? Chocolate Ripple Cake...with wheat :(

Shoes, dust bunnies, layers of dust, dirt, gravel, spider webs....all these things you'll find at my place on a regular basis if not kept up with. I'm not so great at keeping up these days. We should send all that stuff to live with the shoes in their own house?! LOL

I don't use my clothes line outside during winter, because we live in the hills and it's damp outside even when it's sunny. We have a couple of clothes horses over heater vents during winter rather than using the dryer. I'd be rid of the dyer in a flash but Dh thinks we NEED to keep it. Beats me, but...he's the boss.

Pom Pom said...

Oh, I wish you could go to the mountains anyway!
I bet your school visits are always wonderful!
Happy, happy = clotheslines

Gumbo Lily said...

By "eat the cake," did you mean for us to slice the cake, put it on a place and eat it with a fork at the table and focus only on the cake? (I was just nibble at Wheat Thins as you were talking about the undiet.) I applaud you!

Shoes multiplying in the mud room -- yes, it happens in my neck o' the woods too!

Clothesline tips. Just do it. You'll learn more from experience than from anybody. And we all must have it our own individual way. I only dry clothes in winter on very warm days. (I live in the North where it gets very cold and I hate taking wet clothes to the line, pinning them on, freezing my hands stiff and then finding them not dry and having to freeze my hands taking them off again. But that's just me.)

Happy Clotheslining!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Tracy, I go through periods where I do a great job of keeping up ... and then somehow I fall way behind. This happens more than I'd care to admit.

We have a lot of mild winter days where I am, but there's always a lot of moisture. Well, I should at least get some drying time on the line between now and November.

Pom Pom, I wish I could go to the mountains too, but I know I will be very happy to have my house clean and back in order. The disorder would have been on my mind, even as I was enjoying those mountain apples.

Jody, See, there's the thing: I'm beginning to believe that the only way to eat the cake is on the plate, at the table, paying close attention to the cake. To really eat the cake, you have to notice the cake. You have to honor the cake. I feel like a lot of times, I try to eat the cake while pretending I'm not really eating the cake--and then I don't truly experience the cake. I eat the cake, but I don't *really* eat the cake. Which means I go back and eat more cake!

Aren't you sorry you asked?

Angela said...

First - SO glad about your Mum - wonderful news and answered prayer there!!

Second well done re dieting. You are right about reading whilst eating. Peanut butter IS a spiritual food, I am sure.

Third - shoes in heaps attract other shoes like magnets. Scientific fact!

Finally - washing line. I have just pegged my laundry out. It is a cold, but windy day here [Gale Force Winds forecast for parts of UK today] If it is cold but windy I peg out. If the air is damp and there's no wind at all, I don't bother. My neighbour pegs out almost every day [large family of messy children - heaps of laundry] and then it rains and she has to use dryer anyway. I also have a collapsible airer and I can drape damp washing over that stands in a corner of kitchen or bathroom. Many older english homes still have a 'maiden' which hangs on pulleys to dry washing in the kitchen.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Thanks, Angela--Yes, I do think my mother's diagnosis is definitely an answer to prayer--many prayers on the part of many people.

Thanks for the clothesline advice. I love the phrase "peg out" and shall use it from now on.

By the way, Gretchen Joanna left a message for you in the comment section of the previous post--she's been trying to post a comment at your blog, but hasn't had much luck.

Rose said...

We only have two adults in my house, and a baby who hates shoes, and yet our shoes seem to be copulating and producing shoe offspring at an alarming rate. I'm going out of town on Monday, and also hoping to get my refrigerator, dustbunny and shoe problems under control this weekend.

As for the clothesline, it is nearly always too damp around here to use it in the winter, although I suppose you could use it in dry, clear cold and windy winter climates.

Very glad to hear about your mother!