Friday, March 20, 2009

8:30 Again and Supposedly Spring

This morning in the paper there was a wonderful article about the vegetable garden the Obamas are planting on the White House Lawn. I just got to say it: Michelle Obama makes me happy. In the article, she says everyone, including the President, will have to weed. Well, except maybe her mom. She said her mother will probably just watch and say, "Oh, that's lovely. You missed a spot." The job of grandmothers everywhere ...

Yesterday I picked up a pile of gardening books from the library. Since Will and I are going to be flower gardeners this spring, I'm trying to get excited about flower gardening books, which seem to mostly be in Latin, but I'm not there yet. In a book by master gardener Allen Lacy, he begins by comparing becoming a gardener to having a religious conversion. One day you don't care a thing about dirt, the next minute it's your whole life. I can see that. And this may be the year I'm struck down on the road to Damascus myself. Get a few Cosmos growing in the backyard, who knows what might happen to a girl.

Now, I love books that preach about backyard farming--get you some chickens! Spread their poop around! It's all good! Vegetable farming books excite me to pieces. Probably because fresh tomatoes and beans right off the vine excite me to pieces, too.

The only thing that concerns me about the Obamas putting their garden in already is that the frost date hasn't passed yet. The Man says since the Obamas are from Chicago, they probably laugh at frost dates the way President Obama laughed at school being closed in D.C. because of a little ice. Well, his arugula won't be laughing if it drops below 32 on the last day of March, which has been known to happen, even below the Mason-Dixon line. But then, it is the White House lawn. They probably keep it heated.


Heather said...

Michelle Obama is a breath of fresh air isn't she? I agree about the frost date- I never plant until tax day. Good luck with your garden!

Danielle said...

I guess it's that Obama determined optimism spilling over to gardening. Daring the frost to bite.

I also adore Michelle. Strong, midwest, no-nonsense woman. Make your own bed. Pick up the dog's poop. Weed your own garden. I love that she vetoed dumb suggested names for the dog instead of worrying about hurting someone's feelings. The bubble has ruined too many good politicans. Michelle t'aint gonna stand for that!

And getting Mrs. Robinson as the First Grandmother in the White House is a major bonus.

Susan said...

It's great to read all of these gardening musings on the day of the 40th anniversary of Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Catepillar. All those lovely fruits and vegetables look as if they were just picked from a backyard garden. The chocolate cake doesn't exactly fit into the metaphor, but the sweet simplicity of the story and idea that great possibilites come from the mundane seem fitting. I highly recommend checking out Carle's website and viewing his discussion of how he created the book and his journey of discovery that led him to being a children's author. My kids were both fascinated by it and at 7 and 9 they have long abandoned the book as a "baby book."

Tracy said...

Oh you made me laugh. A lot. The picture of the President weeding his little vegie patch is just funny. Good on Michelle.

Now if only I could use that amount of determination and get my husband to actually mow the lawns I would be ecstatic. I hope the President is more willing to appease his wife!