Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Library Day

So I know I said I was going to go with the flow this summer, but I really do want to do some arts and crafts, particularly stuff with paper and rubber stamps and collage. To that end, when we went to the library on Monday, I checked out about twenty books on how to make paper, how to stamp paper, how to make your own books, cards, postcards, luggage tags, what have you.

It was me, Will and Jack at the library, the big, glorious downtown branch, and between the three of us, we probably checked out close to a hundred books (there's a fifty book per patron limit at our library, a dangerous temptation for some of us). The librarian was not pleased, you could tell. I did not try to humor her, as she looked rather humorless, I just worked hard at getting the checked out books in our bags in an orderly fashion.

Anyway, I love the first trip to the library of the summer. It's full of hope and possibility. Maybe this will be the summer when the boys and I fall into easy mornings of craft projects and coloring. Maybe this will be the summer Will stops having a fit every time you tell him, no, he can't have any more computer time. Maybe this will be the summer Jack stops shrieking at his brother at the least little irritations. Oh, a girl can dream.


Victoria said...

That looks like a very very good stack. Funny how annoyed librarians get when you borrow books.. They don't seem amused when I check out lots of books on my kids cards that are obviously not for the kids either!

gillie said...

But how on earth do you keep track of them. We have a scary number of books on regular renew at the library because we haven't located them in the land of lost library books aka our house!!

gillie from