Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Project No. 2: Finishing the Sock

This is typical: a couple of years ago I bought some lovely yarn to knit my niece a pair of socks. The socks were darling, and believing that I had enough yarn left, I proceeded to knit myself a pair from the same skein. But the yarn ran out about an inch before the toe began on the second sock.

Me, being me, I couldn't find the label for the yarn. I had no idea who made it or what color it was. Buying more was out of the question. The socks sat in my knitting basket gathering lint. I thought maybe I'd find a matching solid color yarn and finish up the second sock (no one would notice the mismatched toe, or if they did, they'd probably finding it eccentric and charming), but I never got around to it.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the mood for sock-knitting, having knit my husband a pair of socks for his birthday (a marvelous cashmere-wool washable blend in a manly hunter green) and gotten the bug again. Unlike sweaters and quilts, socks are so fast, so easy, so portable. So I went on line searching for sock yarn that I loved and that didn't cost thirty dollars per sock.

I found what I was looking for at Awesome Ewe--good ol' Lana Grossa sock yarn. Browsing around at the various self-striping varieties, I noticed a color-way that looked suspiciously familiar. It's hard to match up yarn in your basket with yarn on-line, but I thought it was worth a shot.

The yarn arrived yesterday--all the way from British Columbia, and Reader, it was a match (Meilenweit Fantasy, 4790). I can finish up the socks I've started and knit a few more to boot. I may just run down my street throwing socks at my neighbors hither and yon. Ain't nothing like a homemade sock to chase those winter blues away.

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Heather said...

I have knit several socks with Lana Grossa and they are the sturdiest I own. Great value unlike the Target socks. I admit to giving in to the siren song of the inexpensive argyle ones and being very sad when the heel wears through a few washes later.