Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Which Implies a Fierce Determination

It ain't easy being left-handed and trying to keep a house in order. At least not if you're my kind of left-handed, which is the messy kind. The kind that has wires crossed because she learned to do too many things right-handed growing up. The kind that can't read directions or a recipe without mixing everything up the first time around. The kind that does not possess strong organizational skills, despite claims to the contrary made on her resume.

But here I am, making a go of it. And not only do I try to keep a reasonably clean house (if by reasonably clean we mean the bathrooms get a go-over biweekly), I also knit. And I'm learning how to sew. I can make socks and sweaters, and so far have produced two aprons on my sewing machine--crooked seamed aprons, unevenly hemmed aprons, but aprons, by jiminey, aprons!

I read many wonderful blogs by women who are clearly creative and crafty, who post pictures of their wonderful creations, who have been given publishing contracts on the basis of their blogs, and I love these women, as probably do you. When their books come out, I buy them. I, however, am not one of them. First of all, I do not know how to upload photographs from my son's digital camera to the computer. (I'm going to learn to do this any minute now; it's on my list.) Secondly, while my homemade crafts are given with love and received, I hope and believe, with pleasure, nobody's going to be begging me to write books about my crafty life any time soon--unless it's a book called How to Get it Wrong the First Time--Every Time!

So if you're crafty, but uncoordinated, domestic but kind of sloppy and haphazard about the whole deal, then stay with me. We'll get it all figured out sooner or later.

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Molly said...

What a lovely start!