Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Breathing Lessons

2008 continues to be a discombobulated year. It has no rhythm to it--and here it is, already April.

The good news: We have a garden filled with lettuce and spinach. I have never grown my own greens before, and it makes me deliriously happy to run out right before dinner and pick my own salad.

More good news: Travis the puppy continues to grow and thrive. He likes to hang out in the backyard with me while I'm tending to the garden. He loves the children. When my parents were here this past weekend, he treated my dad like the alpha male that he is, and this pleased my dad to no end. Everybody loves to be loved by a dog.

Other news: I received my first issue of Martha Stewart Living in the mail last week. I have never subscribed to it before, but a month or so ago I ran across an offer I couldn't refuse--Living and Everyday Food for $24. How could I pass it up? But I have to say there is something so weird about Martha writing about her various domiciles as though everybody has two or three houses and several farms.

I'm hoping I'll start feeling more domestic soon. It will help to be done with the draft of the book I'm writing. It hangs over me and keeps me from making liberated quilts or dreaming of colors to paint the living room.

Here's what I'm dreaming about: In 16 months, Will will be in first grade and I will have the whole day to myself, 8-3.

Jack has been screaming at Will lately. Which is why I have a perpetual headache.

I keep reminding myself to breathe. It helps.